General Aviation

PMC Engineering (Private) Limited  in  conjunction  with  our  associates and  partners are able to design  and manufacture bespoke refueling systems for all types of fluid handling and refueling applications, both offshore and at remote land based facilities.

We can provide specialist Engineering Consultancy Services for the design and development of General Aviation fuel storage facilities at small or remote airfields. The systems we can provide include mobile trailer bowsers, airfield refueling sets and bulk fuel transportation, as well as offshore and marine helicopter refuelers.

These type of systems we can provide include

  • Unloading Skids
  • Slop Handing Skids
  • Closed Sampling System Skids
  • Loading and Test Skids
  • Electrical & Control Systems

We can provide all the necessary QA/QC and site supervision services during installation, testing and commissioning of the facility.

General Aviation