PMC Engineering (Private) Limited has a vision to become a regional leader in the construction of Aviation Fuel Storage and Fuel Hydrant Refuelling Distribution Systems for airport infrastructure. Our ability to provide proven management experience and technical expertise results in sound, practical, and cost effective solutions.


Our mission is to exceed Client expectations by providing premium solutions through dedicated people and by utilising proven process techniques that allow for the efficient execution of projects meeting the time, cost and quality requirements of our Clients with a commitment to continual improvements in quality.

This commitment to maintain customer satisfaction shall be exercised through the control of all activities allowing for the economic use of resources and minimizing the possibility of non-conformity, which will be achieved, with the support of our highly experienced and qualified management and technical teams.


PMC Engineering (Private) Limited is committed to executing its Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental Objectives and Values based on its QHSE policy, customer satisfaction, moral obligation, statutory requirements and organisational commitments. The value of this integrated approach, in combination with our commitment to maintaining the highest standards of professionalism, is demonstrated by our continued service to government agencies and commercial clients.

These objectives are realistic, practical, measurable, achievable and consistent with our commitment to reduce environmental impact and prevention of injury and ill health at the work place.

Our values are the uncompromising foundations upon which we build our mission.